Our services

This is a free service where our trained pharmacist can help review and explain the medication you are using.

It is to help you get the best out of the medication prescribed by your GP.  Our pharmacist will discuss and answer any question you may have

The discussion is private and confidential and will take place in a private consultation room.  It is designed to help you understand what medicines you are taking and why.  It may help you to identify alternative treatment options that can be discussed with your GP.

A review with the pharmacist will:

  • Help you understand the medicines you are taking
  • Help you understand how best to take your medicine
  • Help identify and possibly reduce side effects
  • Help identify alternative treatment options and recommendations to your doctor
  • Improve outcome of your treatment

As a registered Free Repeat Prescription patient you are eligible for one free Medicines Use Review every year.  We are here to help you with your long term condition and to ensure self help and support in the way you use your medication.

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